Methandienone Dianabol Powder

Methandienone Dianabol Powder

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Alias:Dianabol / dbol

CAS: 72-63-9
Assay: 98% min.

Product name Metandienone
Other name Dianabol
CAS register number 72-63-9
EINECS 200-787-2
Molecular formula C20H28O2
Molecular weight 300.43512
Molecular structure Dianabol Powder Pharmaceutical Steroids Hormones Metandienone CAS 72-63-9
Melting point 165-166 째C
Specific optical rotation +9.3째
Assay 99%



Dianabol Test Report 99.7% Purity


Description : Almost White Crystalline Powder white powder
Identification : IR,UV Positive
Solubility : Practically insoluble in water,soluble in Conforms
96% ethanol,in chloroform & glacial acetic acid,slightly soluble in ether.
Assay(On dry basis) : 97.0~103.0% 99.70%
Loss On Drying : 0.5%max 0.22%
Residue On Ignition : 0.2%max 0.03%
Specific Rotation : +7° ~ +11°(1% w/v solution in 96% ethanol solution) +9.3°
Melting Point : 163~167°C 164.5~165.5°C
Related Substances : Methyltestosterone: 0.5%max <0.5%
Any other non-specified: 0.5%max <0.5%
Residual Solvents : Ethyl Acetate:5000PPm max 210PPm
Conclusion : The specification conform with BP80 standard




Dianabol Powder Pharmaceutical Steroids Hormones Metandienone CAS 72-63-9