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99.8% Guaiacol Colorless To Light Yellow Clear Liquid GSO


Guaiacol is a naturally-occurring organic compound with the formula C6H4(OH)(OCH3), first isolated by Otto Unverdorben in 1826.  Although it is biosynthesized by a variety of organisms, this yellowish aromatic oil is usually derived from guaiacum or wood creosote. Samples darken upon exposure to air and light. Guaiacol is present in wood smoke, resulting from the pyrolysis of lignin. The compound contributes to the flavor of many substances such as whisky and roasted coffee.

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Quick Detail:

Name Guaiacol
CAS 90-05-1
MW 124.14
EINECS 201-964-7
Melting point 26-29 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 205 °C(lit.)
Density 1.129 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density 4.27 (vs air)
vapor pressure 0.11 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
refractive index n20/D 1.543(lit.)
Flash point 180 °F
storage temp Refrigerator
solubility H2O: insoluble
form Liquid After Melting
pka 9.98(at 25ºC)
color Clear colorless to light yellow
PH 5.4 (10g/l, H2O, 20ºC)
Water Solubility 17 g/L (15 ºC)
FreezingPoint 28ºC
Sensitive Air Sensitive
Merck 14,4553
JECFA Number 713
BRN 508112
Stability Stable, but air and light sensitive. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Dark Trenbolone Acetate Steroid Powder Canada Domestic Shipping

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Raw trenbolone acetate powder is the main ingredients of injectable trenbolone acetate. Raw trenbolone acetate powder is yellow crystalline powder, CAS No. 10161-34-9, Molecular Formula: C20H24O3, Molecular Weight:312.4, Melt Point: 90- 92ºC, Storage Temp: 0-6°C.

Our tren ace powder has been exporting to many countries, such as USA,UK, CANADA,MEXICO,RUSSIA ,Competitive prices will be offered . Many people prefer Tren ace Powder with Dark color, Here is our latest batch of Trenbolone Acetate Powder

MAKE YOUR OWN Tren Acetate Gears

Tren Acetate 100mg/ml@50ml
5g Tren Acetate powder
1ml BA
10ml BB
35ml Grape seed oil

Trenbolone acetate homebrew step by step:

Step 1:
Weigh the steroid powder into the glass beaker as shown above, add the Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl Benzoate

Step 2:
The solvents will begin immediately dissolving the powder but in order to speed the process up it is possible to use a water bath. Pace the vial into a few cm of water in a pan or something similar: it is important not to use water that is too hot because this will cause some products to oxidize-150f is a good temperature to use, alternatively boiled water from the kettle. The carrier oil should be the same temperature as the solution when it is added so if you warm the solution in a water bath you should also the same to the carrier oil. The objective at this point is simply to fully dissolved the powder into the solvents. There should be no “Hormone swirls” or any visible powder remaining in the solution and once this is achieved move on to the next step.

Step 3:
Add the warmed grape seed oil to the solution, this case 35ml must be added. Mix thoroughly again, there should be no hormone swirls-once this occurs remove immediately from the water bath and move on to the filtering process.
The steroid powder is fully dissolved in the solvents, the carrier oil is added and the product is ready to be filtered.

Step 4:
Draw up the solutions into the syringe you will be filtering with, this can be a single large syringe or this can be repeated multiple times with a smaller syringe. Remove the 0.22um sterile syringe filter from it’s packing and fix the green needle to the smaller side and then apply to the syringe.
Wipe the top of the sterile vial with an Alcohol swab and insert the green needle in it, put the needle attached to the syringe filter into the vial.

Pay attention: The second needle equalizes the pressure as the solution enters the vial. Apply pressure to the syringe plunger to the filter the mixture. This is the most important part of this entire process as it is what sterilizes your product. All finished steroids from any steroid lab must go through this very process.
Occasionally one may find that the filter gets blocked or that the process slows drastically-it is acceptable to replace the filter with a new one if this occurs to save time. The time it takes to filter steroids depends on which steroid is being filtered and how much is being filtere, as well as the mg/ml of the product.

Please remember to test the quality of your Raws

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Actually you should always believe in the market rules : Quality determines price.

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We have heard that many fake sources only take orders but they never ship,and many “smart “sources added some food additives or some flour to mix it with the raws since few people will analysis what they get. and we believe their purity can reach 80% at most .

All we want to tell is that please test the quality of steroid powder you are ordering .

Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate

Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate

Legal China Parabolan steroid powder, 99.93% Purity Parabolan steroid powder for sale ,Buy Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate Bodybuilding Steroid  powder, Legal China steroid Source Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate,2017 Cheap Trenbolone steroid powder , Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate steroid distribuitor  ,WholesaleTrenbolone Acetate Anabolic Hormone,  Testosterone Acetate Steroid powder, Trenbolone Acetate ugl sources

Other name:Parabolan; Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate



Molecular formula:C26H34O4

Molecular weight:410.55


Appearance Yellow powder.

Powded Parabolan Trenbolone Steroids Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate

Parabolan is trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. The half-life of a steroid ester is mostly dependent on its ratio of fat solubility to water solubility: the longer chain the ester, the higher this ratio, and the longer the half-life. This particular carbonate could be most closely compared with an enanthate ester; the half-life is probably a little less than week.

Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate Test Purity 99.68%

Product Name Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate
Batch No. 20150312-13 Ref.Standard USP 35
Mfg. Date 2015.03.14 Retest Date 2015.03.14
Inspect Date 2015.03.14 Packing 25kg
Results of Analysis Tests
Test Items Specifications Results of Analysis
Appearance Pale yellow powder pale yellow powder
Melting point 72.0-78.0 73.2-74.0
Assay 98%-102% 99.68%
loss on drying NMT0.5% 0.28%
Specific rotation +48.5°~+52.5°(c=0.5in ethanol ) +50.4°
Any unspecified impurity NMT 0.5% 0.23%
Heavy metals NMT 20ppm conform
Total specified NMT2.0% conform
Conclusion The specification comply with USP35

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Testosterones Base Powder

Testosterones Base

Buy Testosterones Base Steroid powder, China Source Testosterones Base,China Source Testosterone Suspension , Testosterone Suspension Source ,Testosterone Suspension Anabolic Hormone, Testosterone Suspension  Steroid powder,Anabolic steroid Testosterone Suspension sources,Raw Testosterone Suspension steroid powder
Product Name:Testosterones Base
Appearance: white powder
Payment Terms:Western Union, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Money Gram, T/T
Delivery Time:within 8 hours after receiving your payment



Test Items Specification Results
Description White or Almost White Crystalline Powder white powder
Identification A.B. Positive
Assay 97.0~103.0% 99.20%
Specific Rotation +101°~+105° +102.6°
Loss On Drying 1.0%max 0.28%
Melting Point 153~157°C 153.0~155.0°C
Organic Volatile Impurities meets the requirement. Conforms
Related Substances meets the requirement. Conforms
Residual Solvents meets the requirement. Conforms
Particle Size 100% ≤ 20 microns Conforms

2.Product Description:

Testosterones is the undisputed king of steroids mainly because it is safe, elicits rapid mass and strength gains while maintaining libido, a sense of well being and energy. It’s not uncommon for a first time user to gain 15-20lbs of LBM in a standard Testosterones cycle. Pure Testosterones comes in a water based aqueous form (Suspension) and also in a solvent/oil based form (Test Base).

Suspensions have tiny particles that are visible with the naked eye. If left on the shelf for a few days many times the particles will sink to the bottom leaving the clear solvents and water on the top. Depending on the manufacturer, particle sizes vary meaning some Suspension preparations can clog a 22 gauge needle. Ultra micronized Suspension can pass through a 25 gauge needle making injections more comfortable. Shake the suspension preparation vigorously before injecting.

Testosterones suspension is the most potent form of testosterones because it does not possess an ester. Esters are calculated into the steroid weight therefore esterfied steroids are not a true mg for mg of free hormone. 100mg of suspension is 100mg of free hormone! Enanthate in a solution is only 72mg of free hormone per 100mg. You can see that Suspension is the true king steroid. However because there is no ester many users will inject suspension everyday or even multiple times per day. This is usually reason enough for most people to reject using suspension but it gets worse. Usually suspension is quite painful as well. Combine every day injections with significant pain and most users simply pass on trying suspension at all. Some new science now demonstrates that everyday and even every other day injections are not necessary with Testosterones Suspension.

Arimidex Anastrozole Powder

Arimidex Anastrozole

It’s lowers estrogen levels in postmenopausal women, which may slow the growth of certain types of breast tumors that need estrogen to grow in the body.


It’s used to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women. It is often given to women whose cancer has progressed even after taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox).


Its may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


Anastrozole / Arimidex / Primobolan Steroids CAS 120511-73-1 INN


How to use Anastrozole ?

Recommended dose of Anastrozole:
1. For men:
Anastrozole has been tested for reducing estrogens, including estradiol, in men. Excess estradiol in men can cause benign prostatic hyperplasia, gynecomastia, and symptoms of hypogonadism. It can also contribute to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, chronic inflammation, prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Some athletes and body builders use anastrozole as part of their steroid cycle to reduce and prevent symptoms of excess estrogen–gynecomastia, emotional lability and water retention. Study data suggests dosages of 0.5 mg to 1 mg a day reduce serum estradiol approx. 50% in men, which differs in postmenopausal women.
2. For children:
Anastrozole may be used off-label in children with precocious puberty, or children with pubertal gynecomastia.Following the onset of puberty, the epiphyseal plate begins to close due to an increased amount of estrogen production escaping local metabolism and spreading to the circulatory system. It is shown to help slow this process, and increase adult height prediction in adolescent males treated with protein-based peptide hormones for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency.



Clomiphene Citrate Powder

Clomiphene Citrate

CAS: 50-41-9

MF: C32H36ClNO8

MW: 598.08

Assay(HPLC): 98.0-101.2%

Other name: clomifene dihydroen citrate,Clomid

Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder

High quality and competitive price

professional supplier

Package: 1KG/bag


High Purity Clomiphene Citrate/Clomid/CAS No: 50-41-9

Clomid is the anti-estrogen of choice for improving recovery of natural testosterone production after a cycle, improving testosterone production of endurance athletes, and is also effective in reducing risk of gynecomastia during a cycle employing aromatizable steroids.



Test Items Specification Test Results
Appearance White or off-white powder white powder
Identification UV conform Conforms
Organic nitrogenous Conforms Conforms
Citrate Conforms Conforms
Water Not more than 1.0% 0.38%
Heavy water Not more than 0.002% Conforms
Related impuries Related compound A:Not more than 2.0% 0.86%
Individual:Not more than 0.5% 0.38%
(Z)isomer Conforms Conforms
Organicvolatile impuritise Conforms Conforms
Assay Between98.0~102.0% 99.2%
Conclusion This batch is complies with  USP 32.