Please remember to test the quality of your Raws

Many people may feel confused about the prices since there are so many steroid powder suppliers offering different price. How to choose a reliable one ,cheap or NO ?

Actually you should always believe in the market rules : Quality determines price.

There are so many sources hope to take advantage of the cheaper price to gain more buyers and orders , but since the cost of raw material (which used to produce steroid powder ) is indeed not cheap ,espeically the natural raw material is getting harder to plant and its getting rare in China. And try to think about it , the international shipping freight is no less than 50usd for 1kg , and people are selling the “raws” at 300usd lol. Seriously ,do you believe they would answer you if there is any complaint about the quality or the delivery ?

So how to gain profit upon this situation ?

We have heard that many fake sources only take orders but they never ship,and many “smart “sources added some food additives or some flour to mix it with the raws since few people will analysis what they get. and we believe their purity can reach 80% at most .

All we want to tell is that please test the quality of steroid powder you are ordering .